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Fortnite Rift Zone Locations: Check out the Rift Zone locations to complete the “Visit a Rift Zone”

In today’s fortnite update, we bring you all the fortnite rift zone locations where you can complete the visit a rift zone location mission.

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What is a rift zone?

Rift zones are locations on the fortnite map that has returned to old versions or altered to different versions of themselves. It is easy to identify the rift zones. Rift zones are surrounded by bubble-like fields which you can pass through.

initially, rifts were added in season 5. During that time, they were the storyline added things from our world and vice-versa.

Fortnite Rift Zone Locations

1 Tilted Town

fortnite rift zone location -tilted town
fortnite rift zone location -tilted town

From Neo Tilted came Tilted Town, an old western village. The rules were made clear and simple: No building, no breaking, no wood harvesting. All you need is your weapon and skills to survive.

2 Retail Row

fortnite rift zone location -retail row
fortnite rift zone location -retail row

Return row made a return in season X but not everything seems to be what we used to know. The quaint shopping center is now run by the Horde and its fiends, so you should be cautious when going in.


In the image below you can find a map of all rift locations

completing the rift at loot lake may not count as a challenge for today’s collide rift objective.

More rift zones are likely to come as the season progresses. Keep an eye to this post as it will be updated

That’s it that we have for you in today’s fortnite news. Let us know what you think in the comment section.

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