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Fortnite Season 10: Teaser Image Revealed

Fortnite season 10 is here and the first teaser image has been revealed at the fortnite World Cup Solo Finals.

Normally, every fortnite season is 10 weeks. But since the fortnite world cup event was taking place, season 9 was extended by 2 extra weeks. This was to avoid major map changes. Every season has a new storyline. This is usually told through loading screens.

This season we have seen the Singularity’s Mecha Robot being built and the pressure plant and we also saw the Monster escape from Polar Peak. We saw the Robot slay the Monster in the live event this season and the monster skeleton can be found southeast of Neo Tilted.

Major map changes have not been made due to the ongoing world cup event. But drastic changes should be expected at the start of fortnite season 10. On the other hand, a new map may be introduced as the orb at loot lake could change the whole map.

fortnite orb at loot lake
fortnite orb at loot lake

The First teaser image for fortnite season 10 has been revealed near the end of the solo finals at the fortnite world cup and can be seen below.

The way it looks Dusty Depot will be coming back. If it does, it means we will see an old version of the map making its return.

fortnite season 10
fortnite season 10

So when is fortnite season 10 being released?

Fortnite season 10 is set to be released on Thursday, August 1st. This means we are going to see more teasers before the release. Players with Battle Pass will have to reach tier 100 before the start of next season as the rewards are exclusive to season 9. The rewards can not be released after the release of fortnite season 10.

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