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The new Fortbyte Challenge for Today is Fortbyte 29 which is found underneath the tree in Crackshot’s cabin. This is the main location on the map you will be able to collect it.

As a tradition after every two weeks on a Sunday, Epic has released two new Fortbyte challenges yesterday. One of the two new Fortbytes was Fortbyte 33 which is found at a location hidden within loading screen #10. This is sure to be the last Fortbyte challenge that will released that is hidden on loading screen.

Fortbyte 27 was the other Fortbyte Challenge found somewhere within map location A4. This particular Fortbyte 27 is not located at the same location for everyone on the map. So you will have to wonder about the A4 in order to find the Fortbyte.

We provide you today’s Fortbyte challenge with a location guide

  • Fortbyte 29 can be found underneath the tree in Crackshots cabin.

Fortbyte 29 is found underneath a tree in crackshot’s Cabin

Today’s Fortbyte, Fortbyte 29, can be found underneath a tree in crackshot’s Cabin.

Fortunately, this isn’t a challenge that players will wonder helplessly around a particular coordinate hoping the find the Fortbyte. It also doesn’t require players to fly through rings and all the like.

Where is crackshot’s cabin Found?

Crackshot’s Cabin is found North of Frosty flights and it’s the first house you will see. What you do is walk into the house and you will find a christmas tree in one corner of the house. You are going to find Fortbyte 29 in the corner. (The YouTube Video below will guide you)

Credit goes to twitter user Guille-GAG, who shows us the exact location of Crackshot’s Cabin shown below.

Fortbyte 29 Found underneath the tree in Crackshot' s Cabin Location
Fortbyte 29 Found underneath the tree in Crackshot’ s Cabin Location

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