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Friday Fortnite Bracket Week 8: Time, Teams, Who Won & How to Watch

Friday fortnite bracket week 8 is happening tonight. We at fortnite spy want to make sure you are up to date with the latest on Friday fortnite bracket, teams, the time of the event and the winners of the fortnite bracket. In case you want to know who wins the biggest share of the $10k Friday Fornite Prize, don’t worry, we have got you covered.

What Time Does Fortnite Bracket Week 8 start?

Friday fortnite bracket week 8
Friday fortnite bracket week 8

Friday Fortnite Week 8 starts at exactly 4 p.m August 9th and will last for 3 hours although matches may take longer due to participants.

How to watch and Stream Friday Fortnite Week 8

Watch live video from NICKMERCS on

To be able to watch Friday Fortnite You can turn to twitch on the UMG Events Twitch Channel. Also, you can also stream on the channels of individual participants.

Watch live video from UMGEvents on

Friday Fortnite Week 8 Teams.

The teams for Friday Fortnite Week 8 is below. At the time of the publishing of this post, spots were still available to be filled.

  • Ninja & Reverse
  • FaZe Dubs & Ghost Assault
  • AlexiRamiGaming & DuckyT
  • Nyhrox & NayteFN
  • Wizardyensid & TBA
  • MarioHTXX & BigEx
  • Bobo & Vinny (QW)
  • LG Kiwiz & LG Formula
  • Socksfo1 & BakBak
  • NRG MrSavage & NRG benjy
  • Hogmanzlol & ehPom
  • Nick28T & NepentheZ
  • Ewok & CourageJD
  • LG Problem & Wavyjacob
  • LG Gunfly & LG Destroy
  • Typical Gamer & FaZe Thiefs
  • FaZe Mongraal & mitr0
  • 100T Ceice & Liquid Riversan
  • Nickmercas & SypherPK
  • TSM Chica & MatthewEspinosa
  • TSM Zexrow & Arkhram
  • Gotaga & Mickalow
  • FaZe Natehill & FaZe Funk
  • Heretics Pgod & Heretics Kod
  • Ghost Aydan & FaZe Sway
  • DJ Akadimiks & Grandmateets
  • FaZe Replays & Nick Eh 30
  • LeTsHe & MckyTV
  • Aqua & Stompy
  • FaZe Tilt & Ship

Friday Fortnite Bracket Week 8: Who won and Results

The rules for Friday Fortnite Week 8 will be the same as all the other Friday Fortnite Events.

  • Two Duos joins a single lobby as a squad
  • The Duo that wins by most eliminations after 2 matches progresses in the bracket but if there is a tie, a third match is played to determine the winner.
  • Also, there is a double-elimination losers bracket.

The prize for Friday Fortnite is not fixed as it fluctuates from week to week. Here are the Prizes from week 7

1- $6,000
2- $3,000
3- $1,000

You can see the current brackets below live from UMG. The current standings are updated as time goes on and the winner will be known at the end of the event. Those were the key details you had to know about Friday Fortnite Week 8


Friday Fortnite Brackets: Ninja and Bugha Team Up For Week 7

Friday Fortnite Brackets. Friday Fornite tournament is back after taking last week off due to the big names that were at the Fortnite World Cup.

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Bugha the winner of the Solos event at the fortnite world cup will be featured at the Friday fortnite this week and will be grabbing the No. 1 seed. He will be teaming up with Ninja. Ninja will not be streaming on Twitch. He made the announcement on Thursday. He said he’d be streaming on Mixer from now on. Also, he added that he will be streaming from Lollapalooza for this week’s Friday Fortnite.

Both Ninja and Bugha will be up against 13-year-old deaf streamer Ewok in the first round of this Fortnite Friday tournament. FaZe clan recently acquired Ewok as she became the very first female gamer to join them.

Looking back at the previous Fortnite Friday Tournaments over the year, MrSavage and benjyfishy won Week 1, FaZe Tilt & FaZe Jarvis won Week 2, Mongraal and Mitr0 won Week 3, Aydan and innocents won Week 4, Nate Hill and Funkbomb won Week 5 and Clix and Bugha won Week 6. We are going to be seeing if Bugha will be able to defend his title in this week 7 of umg fortnite Friday.

What time does Friday Fornite Start?

Time:4 p.m ET/1 p.m PT
Date: Friday 2nd August

Here’s how the brackets work.

Competitors will be paired. The pair will then join a squad match but will not be playing as a true squad. The pairs will be battling for higher amounts of eliminations.

Now, the pair with more amounts of elimination after 2 matches will advance. The higher seeded team gets the opportunity to host the first match while the lower-seeded teams will have to host the second match. The great part of this is that it is not allowed for Duos to sabotage the other Duos.

How to See Fortnite Friday Tournament Live Results

Since UMG is the host, you can visit UMGGAMING for live results.

Examples of Sabotage at the Friday Fortnite Brackets.

  • Boogie bombing opponent
  • building in front of the opponent
  • Using boogie bomb on the opponent at any time during game disqualifies you
  • Causing opponents to miss shots and opportunities for advancing their scores in any form.
  • Breaking your opponents built structures or cover by any means.

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UMG is actually the host of Friday Fortnite Brackets. But you can watch from individual gamers streams as they are allowed to stream on their channels.

friday fortnite brackets
friday fortnite brackets
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Fortnite World Cup: RL Grime and Airwaks win the Fornite World Cup

Fortnite is no longer just a game. It is now growing its physical presence with a three-day giant sporting even which kicked of on Friday. This was a competition that brought together pros against amateurs.

So Who won the fortnite world cup 2019

The Fortnite world cup bought an amazing number of over 10,000 attendees in the Arthur Ashe tennis stadium. Also, there were over 180,000 viewers online.

Even Bigger events have been planned for Saturday and Sunday. This may draw even more attention.

This tournament involved 100 players dropping on an island and battle to a last man standing or last team standing. Epic games twisted the games in many ways for fun events on Friday. They even did a celebrity competition which they called Pro-Am, meaning Professionals vs Amateurs.

So who was the fortnite pro-am winner? Airwaks and RL Grime took the Pro-Am Prize in the process outmaneuvering the entire competition.

fortnite world cup
fortnite world cup

RL Grime, 28 years old was interviewed during the winner’s award ceremony. He gave all credits to his duo partner Airwaks who helped in improving his skills. he mentioned how Airwaks taught him how to move around the island deftly and survive into the endgame.

The Duo might not have survived to the very end in all four rounds but they won because their accumulated points of 52 points from many kills beat every other team.

All the money won from the fortnite world cup 2019 will be going to charity. RL Grime said he will be donating his part of the money to the American Civil Liberties Union. He described it as a “great civil rights organization.” Airwaks, on the other hand, said he will be donating his to World Wildlife.

RL Grime and Airwaks beat the likes of popular pros like Ninja, Dr. Lupo, Cloak and many more proffesional celebrity duos. Announcers of the show emphasized that everyone won. Even players who scored zero points donated $20,000 to charity.

Teams competed during the day for a creative cup in a different game mode in which they had to collect coins while avoiding obstacles. Fish Fam won up to $1,345,000 in prize over the course of several games. Zand who is a 25 years old Danish-based player who helped Fish Fam to glory took off his shoes while playing. He said, “If you play like you’re at home, you play better.”

Pro streamer Ninja also did compete in the creative cup. His team was placed fifth for a prize of $295,000.

In an interview with CNN Ninja said, “To experience how far Fortnite has come since season one, from last year’s Pro-Am to this year’s, it’s just beFen amazing. I love this community.”

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Esports Maps News

Fortnite Fortbyte 21 Location: Metal Llama Building Location

Fortbyte 21 is found inside a metal llama building. This is the location where you can find Fortbyte 21.

We are finally coming on to the ultimate fortbyte challenge. Fortnite from Epic has been releasing atleast one new Fortbyte every now and then. Gamers have until August 1st to collect at least 90. After you collect them you will unlock the season 9 mystery skin. The Fortbyte challenge for Yesterday was the Fortbyte 29 which was found beneath the christmas tree in crackshot’s cabin.

Tomorrow will be the last day a new Fortbyte challenge will be released. With all the recent challenges that have already been released, it is certain that Epic will add extra time challenges. Especially as season 9 has been running for 12 weeks instead of the usual 10 we all know.

The Fortbyte Challenge for today and location guide can be found below.

Where is Fortbyte 21 location found?

  • you can find Fortbyte 21 inside a metal llama building.

Fortbyte 21 location found inside metal Llama building

metal llama building location
metal llama building location

All Players Will need to find a metal llama building to find fortbyte 21. The metal llama is not new on the map and has been there for sometime now. All players have been required to visit the metal llama for a challenge in season 8.

Where is the Metal Llama Location found?

The Metal Llama can be found north west of junk junction and is very unmissable. But if you are new to Fortnite, we have an exact location of the metal llama for you all thanks to twitter user Guille_GAG.

fortbyte 21 location
fortbyte 21 location

When you get on top of the metal llama’s head, you are going to find the Fortbyte three floors down, same level as the metal stairs.

Fortbyte 21
Fortbyte 21

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The new Fortbyte Challenge for Today is Fortbyte 29 which is found underneath the tree in Crackshot’s cabin. This is the main location on the map you will be able to collect it.

As a tradition after every two weeks on a Sunday, Epic has released two new Fortbyte challenges yesterday. One of the two new Fortbytes was Fortbyte 33 which is found at a location hidden within loading screen #10. This is sure to be the last Fortbyte challenge that will released that is hidden on loading screen.

Fortbyte 27 was the other Fortbyte Challenge found somewhere within map location A4. This particular Fortbyte 27 is not located at the same location for everyone on the map. So you will have to wonder about the A4 in order to find the Fortbyte.

We provide you today’s Fortbyte challenge with a location guide

  • Fortbyte 29 can be found underneath the tree in Crackshots cabin.

Fortbyte 29 is found underneath a tree in crackshot’s Cabin

Today’s Fortbyte, Fortbyte 29, can be found underneath a tree in crackshot’s Cabin.

Fortunately, this isn’t a challenge that players will wonder helplessly around a particular coordinate hoping the find the Fortbyte. It also doesn’t require players to fly through rings and all the like.

Where is crackshot’s cabin Found?

Crackshot’s Cabin is found North of Frosty flights and it’s the first house you will see. What you do is walk into the house and you will find a christmas tree in one corner of the house. You are going to find Fortbyte 29 in the corner. (The YouTube Video below will guide you)

Credit goes to twitter user Guille-GAG, who shows us the exact location of Crackshot’s Cabin shown below.

Fortbyte 29 Found underneath the tree in Crackshot' s Cabin Location
Fortbyte 29 Found underneath the tree in Crackshot’ s Cabin Location

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Fortnite 14 Days Of Summer Event Day 5 – New Heavy Shotgun unvaulted and New Arsenal LTM

The Fifth day of the 14 days of summer has come and here is the new LTM that has been released and the new weapon that has been unvaulted for 24 hours.

14 days of summer day 5

Fornite battle royale has releases new modes for the 14 days of summer event and the latest is the Wick’s bounty LTM. The first time this mode was seen was when the John Wick x Fornite collaboration took place. And now it has been brought back briefly for this event. The fact that many players are still unable to complete the Wick’s Bounty Rewards when it returned doesn’t mean you got nothing in return. Players were still able to get One Shot Umbrella if you won a match.

Wick's bounty LTM
Wick’s bounty LTM

Also, the Sofia skin along side the John Wick skin are are now available in the shop. These Skins will be rotated out of the shop today and there is no promise that it maybe coming back anytime soon.
So make sure to purchase these skins before the shop updates.

sofia and john wick skin fortnite
sofia and john wick skin fortnite

The brand new Fornite LTM, Arsenal has now replaced this mode. This is how the Arsenal LTM is described, “Your weapons start off strong and lower in rarity the more eliminations you get”.

fortnite 14 days of summer day 5
fortnite 14 days of summer day 5

Weapons that had previously been removed from the vault are now being added back to the Battle Royale mode for 24 hours. Data-miners leaked all the weapons that will be released and you can find them here. One new weapon that has been unvaulted is the heavy shotgun. Also, the Burst Assault Rifle has now been removed.

fortnite 14 days of summer day 5 heavy shotgun unvaulted
fortnite 14 days of summer day 5 heavy shotgun unvaulted

The heavy shotgun is a legendary and epic shotgun which has been added to Fornite BR in the v3.3.1 update