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Fortnite Mushrooms: All Fortnite Mushroom Locations

Fortnite Mushrooms: Looking for fortnite mushroom locations? Here is a map guide where you can find the Foraged Mushrooms in fortnite. This is one of the missions of fortnite season 10 week 3 Worlds Collide missions.

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Fortnite Mushrooms Challenge Overview

fortnite mushrooms
fortnite mushrooms

In this mission, you have to raise your shield by consuming foraged mushrooms. This mission is quite easy. But on the other hand, the Prestige version requires you to consume 5 foraged mushrooms in a single match.

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Fortnite Mushroom Locations fortnite and Map

mushroom locations fortnite
mushroom locations fortnite

1.Lonely lodge

fortnite mushroom locations -lonely lodge
fortnite mushroom locations -lonely lodge

This location of the map has I think the highest number of spawn locations for mushrooms. It has at least 15 mushrooms in its vicinity. They are spread all around for players to find.

2.South of pleasant park

fortnite mushroom locations - south of pleasant park
fortnite mushroom locations – south of pleasant park

You will find quite a bit of mushroom locations around the abandoned pirate camp south of pleasant park.

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