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Fortnite Season 10 Teaser 3 Image And Description Released

Epic has just released Fortnite Season 10 Teaser 3 image alongside a description.

When there is a fortnite upcoming season, Epic always releases teasers. So far, we have had 2 teasers. The first teaser announced the return of dusty depot. Teaser 2 teased what appeared to be a mech suit. teaser 1 and 2 below.

fortnite season 10
fortnite season 10 teaser 1
fortnite season 10 teaser 2
fortnite season 10 teaser 2

Fortnite season 10 teaser 1 image was released during the World Cup Solo Finals after game 5. Fortnite season 10 teaser 2 image was released on Fortnite’s social media accounts. The Description of teaser one was “think back.” And the description for teaser 2 was “look forward.”

Fortnite Season 10 teaser 3 Image

Epic just released teaser 3 image on their twitter account and it came along its description which read, “twist time.”

fortnite season 10 teaser 3 image
fortnite season 10 teaser 3 image

Fortnite season 10 teaser 3 image might have provided us with what we should expect for season 10 Battle Pass Skins.

Two characters were featured in the season 10 teaser 3 image and may likely be available in the battle pass. Likely the first skins can be unblocked. The character placed on the right of the teaser image looks to be the Dark and Evil version of Drift Skin.

We may soon be getting a final teaser for season 10. The time of its release is not certain yet. But we are going to keep you posted with the latest news and the final teaser soon to be released by Epic Games. Make sure you bookmark us so you don’t miss any build-up to fortnite season 10 or any info once season 10 launches on Thursday, 1st August.

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