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Fortnite World Cup: RL Grime and Airwaks win the Fornite World Cup

Fortnite is no longer just a game. It is now growing its physical presence with a three-day giant sporting even which kicked of on Friday. This was a competition that brought together pros against amateurs.

So Who won the fortnite world cup 2019

The Fortnite world cup bought an amazing number of over 10,000 attendees in the Arthur Ashe tennis stadium. Also, there were over 180,000 viewers online.

Even Bigger events have been planned for Saturday and Sunday. This may draw even more attention.

This tournament involved 100 players dropping on an island and battle to a last man standing or last team standing. Epic games twisted the games in many ways for fun events on Friday. They even did a celebrity competition which they called Pro-Am, meaning Professionals vs Amateurs.

So who was the fortnite pro-am winner? Airwaks and RL Grime took the Pro-Am Prize in the process outmaneuvering the entire competition.

fortnite world cup
fortnite world cup

RL Grime, 28 years old was interviewed during the winner’s award ceremony. He gave all credits to his duo partner Airwaks who helped in improving his skills. he mentioned how Airwaks taught him how to move around the island deftly and survive into the endgame.

The Duo might not have survived to the very end in all four rounds but they won because their accumulated points of 52 points from many kills beat every other team.

All the money won from the fortnite world cup 2019 will be going to charity. RL Grime said he will be donating his part of the money to the American Civil Liberties Union. He described it as a “great civil rights organization.” Airwaks, on the other hand, said he will be donating his to World Wildlife.

RL Grime and Airwaks beat the likes of popular pros like Ninja, Dr. Lupo, Cloak and many more proffesional celebrity duos. Announcers of the show emphasized that everyone won. Even players who scored zero points donated $20,000 to charity.

Teams competed during the day for a creative cup in a different game mode in which they had to collect coins while avoiding obstacles. Fish Fam won up to $1,345,000 in prize over the course of several games. Zand who is a 25 years old Danish-based player who helped Fish Fam to glory took off his shoes while playing. He said, “If you play like you’re at home, you play better.”

Pro streamer Ninja also did compete in the creative cup. His team was placed fifth for a prize of $295,000.

In an interview with CNN Ninja said, “To experience how far Fortnite has come since season one, from last year’s Pro-Am to this year’s, it’s just beFen amazing. I love this community.”

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