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Fortnite Fortbyte 21 Location: Metal Llama Building Location

Fortbyte 21 is found inside a metal llama building. This is the location where you can find Fortbyte 21.

We are finally coming on to the ultimate fortbyte challenge. Fortnite from Epic has been releasing atleast one new Fortbyte every now and then. Gamers have until August 1st to collect at least 90. After you collect them you will unlock the season 9 mystery skin. The Fortbyte challenge for Yesterday was the Fortbyte 29 which was found beneath the christmas tree in crackshot’s cabin.

Tomorrow will be the last day a new Fortbyte challenge will be released. With all the recent challenges that have already been released, it is certain that Epic will add extra time challenges. Especially as season 9 has been running for 12 weeks instead of the usual 10 we all know.

The Fortbyte Challenge for today and location guide can be found below.

Where is Fortbyte 21 location found?

  • you can find Fortbyte 21 inside a metal llama building.

Fortbyte 21 location found inside metal Llama building

metal llama building location
metal llama building location

All Players Will need to find a metal llama building to find fortbyte 21. The metal llama is not new on the map and has been there for sometime now. All players have been required to visit the metal llama for a challenge in season 8.

Where is the Metal Llama Location found?

The Metal Llama can be found north west of junk junction and is very unmissable. But if you are new to Fortnite, we have an exact location of the metal llama for you all thanks to twitter user Guille_GAG.

fortbyte 21 location
fortbyte 21 location

When you get on top of the metal llama’s head, you are going to find the Fortbyte three floors down, same level as the metal stairs.

Fortbyte 21
Fortbyte 21

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